Monday, February 20, 2012

Fashion Icon: Duckie Dale

You might recall this post from about a year ago where I deemed Cruella De Vil an ultimate fashion icon. I'd like to bring that instalment back, so here's to my newest style icon . . . Duckie Dale!

Anyone who has seen Pretty In Pink will agree with me that Duckie is just the greatest character EVER. Not only does he simply ooze impeccably personal style, but he is charming and hilarious. In short, I am totally in love with him (I just ignore the fact that Jon Cryer, who plays Duckie, ended up in Two And A Half Men).


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If you're still not convinced on Duckie's awesomeness, this video will guarantee you fall in love with him:


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Tayler said...

bahahah love this!

"this is a really volcanic look your wearing"

definitely going to use volcanic as an adjective now